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I got tagged by @hex.boy to do 20 facts about me.
1. My name is Spence Craig Borras
2. I am a EHWF (Extreme/Elite Hardcore Wrestling Fan
3. I represent New York till the day I die
4. I really fucking hate Florida
5. I only have 2 real friends left
6. I never had a relationship past a month
7. I’ve been single for 3 years
8. I had my first kiss a couple of months before I become a freshmen
7. I cheated on all my exams to pass high school
8. I’m still looking for a girlfriend
9. I never weighed more than 135 pounds
10. I’m 20
11. I’ve been living in Florida for ten years
12. I wish I still lived in New York
13. New York Giants fan
14. Travis Barker is my favorite drummer
15. Alter Bridge is my favorite band
16. Wiz Khalifa is my favorite rapper
17. I wish @realpaigewwe was my girlfriend
18. I hate girls who lead me on and then forget I exist
19. I’m out of facts about my boring life
20. BRUH

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